Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Hello all. I am happy to write my first review on one of my favourite moisturizers i.e  lakme crème gel.I have using this for almost 6months now and would like to share my experience.

I was looking for a moisturizer in stores and one of the sales person introduced this to me and I tried it in my hands first … baam… the very first time I tried in my hands I felt good and next in my face it was giving a cooling feel that i immediately bought it to try .

Keeps your skin looking fresh and supple with the Lakmé Skin Gloss Gel Crème. It is endowed with a multi-nutrient formula that hydrates your skin and makes it look lustrous without any effort. This moisturizing cream has mineral laden glacial water that gives a cooling effect while the moisture coats your skin with gloss. This silky, smooth day cream tightens your skin and rejuvenates it. Just dab the Lakmé Skin Gloss Gel Crème over your face and gently pat it on till your skin absorbs it. 

I took a small peck of it and applied in my skin before using my foundation, it glides well in my skin and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. I liked its gel texture which is absorbed by the skin quickly and it smells really, similar to a deodorant.
This gives a semi matte finish on skin, perfect for any occasion and the cooling effect it gives when I applied, impressed me a lot. It has a bluish tint in the gel but that doesn’t reflect in face when applied.

Before application                                  After application

1.    I use this cream on my plain face after cleansing when I am about to wear my foundation.
2.    I use this cream as a light moisturizer when I need a refreshment after working hours in evening
3.    One can prefer it if they need light moisturizing also a cooling effect at once.

1. Easy absorption Texture
2. Instant moisturizing effect with little product.
3. Hydrates skin and also gives a gloss as the pack claims

1. Packaging is very attractive but it makes our hands messy since it is in tub form.
2. Not quite effective for oily skin.
3. Does not contain SPF

1. Tested on animals: Yes
2. Chemical ingredients: Yes but free of parabens
3. Will I repurchase?: Yes
3. Package quality: Good looking tub, but unhygienic for usage
4. Rating: 3.5/5
5. Price: Rs. 499 for 50g
6.Availabile on : Almost all the popular retail stores for cosmetics and online websites.
6.Ingredients list:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Say Good Bye to your Dark Circles

Hi Everyone!!!
This is the first review post of DAP. And we made sure that we will cover the most common skin problems faced by women nowadays. One of the main and most irritating problem is dark circles. Yeah ladies!! we got your back. Here we suggest you the products as well as the home remedies you can do to get rid of those panda eyes.

1. Make a potato paste and cucumber paste in equal amount and mix it. Take an empty ice cube maker fill those with this paste  and freeze it. At the end you will get the ice cubes like this. You can also extract the juice alone and make ice cubes out of it.

Gentle massage your eye area with this cubes you can hold a cloth below that to avoid water secretion.

 2. Freeze a spoon for hour or so and massage the area around eyes gently with that spoon.

Seriously Guys do everyone have patience and time for all these????. Even we follow it can be done once in week but something which can be done on daily basis is using some eye gel or cream to get rid of dark circle. Also if that product turns to be fully natural what else could be expected!!!. The product which I am going to suggest you people is organic harvest under eye gel. Yes you heard it right. Its an eye gel from a organic skin care company called "Organic Harvest". Many of you may be familiar with these brand. For those who don't ,

Organic Harvest is the fully natural brand which have all skin care products starts from a facial serum to eye cream. You can find it in any online website and organic products outlet in your city.

DAP rating : ****

Product details:
Form: Gel
Ingredients:  Aqua, Carbomer, Alpha glucosyl Hesperidin, Glycerin, Caffine, Sodium Pyrolidone Carbonic acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Levulinate, Pottasium sorbate and perfume
Best Before:  2 years from the manufacturing date
Price: Rs 495

Review: I came to know about this product through one youtuber,Since it is a natural product I dint hesitate to give it a try. I brought that in week or so and started including it in my routine. It is a very light textured gel which smells like old age ayurvedic products. I am ok with smell guys but some of you with sensitive nose may find it harsh. Also it leaves your lid area bit sticky so I use it only during night time. Nevertheless it get absorbs quickly into your skin and that smell goes away in a minute or so. I just go in anti clock wise direction and massage the area around my eyes with my ring fingers for few minutes till the gel get absorbs fully.

Guys to be honest, I saw change in my dark circles and this gel gives immediate cooling to your eyes once you apply which decreased my burning sensation as well. But point to be noted here is, you have to be consistent in using this. At least complete the first jar you bought, so that you can see the results as well as use the product. I can surely say this tiny jar going to last you people for some good 2 months.

1.Gel form
2. Fully natural free from any chemicals
3.Visible results
4. Easily available.

1.Surely its packaging
2. Bit greasy

Seriously I don't find any cons  other than this. Its worth trying guys!!!!! Grab it and let us know your views on it.

P.S: Continuous usage is must for better results.
Hope you find these post useful, we always open doors for feedback. Please Comment below for any queries. Stay Dusky Stay Proud!!!!. - Bhavani Balaraman