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Hope you all doing good! First and Foremost, Thanks a lot for taking time to read my article. It means a lot to me. So here in this article am going to write about the sunscreens for this burning summers!! Excited??? Lets get started!!

Choosing the Sunscreen according to the needs and skin type!!
Lets speak the fact. No one has time in the morning to get ready slowly and layer your face with lots of products. And no one wants buttery face which shines always ( real pain :( ). So you must find out the sun screen which suits your skin type, skin tone  and the amount of time you spend under sun. So based on my skin preferences I hereby suggest you guys four variants and you can choose one according to your skin preferences.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ :
This is the sweat proof and water proof variant with creamy consistency.

Lotus 3 in 1 matte sunscreen
This is the sunscreen which has "no chemical" claims with running lotion consistency

Aroma Magic Sunscreen Gel
This one is my all time favorite. As the name implies its in gel consistency.

Aryanveda Sun Protective Matte Gel
This one is the new baby in market, read more to know about it..

Final Verdict:
The truth is, Its very hard to find to best one when you have budget constraints. So I am not picking any of my suggestions as best one. But you can make the best out of what you have. So don't forgot to read the tips given below..

Whatever the sunscreen I use, I just mix my aroma magic sunscreen gel into it a bit. And then apply that on to my face and neck. Through which the white cast can be avoided a bit and this gel will make all those products get absorbed quickly. If I need some extra moisture I will add bit aloevera gel to it. If its too oily then applying some oil free moisturizer and use a compact above it. Am good to go then!!!!

Other recommendations:
Lotus sunscreen matte gel, Spawake sunscreen lotion. I am just waiting for my sunscreens to over so that I can try these ones, because these two are the most raved products.

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Stay Dusky!!! Stay Proud!!!- Bhavani Balaraman

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